Jun 16, 2014

The Art Of Maekake

Bravely Default, Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy Tactics..These are just a few games that have been beacons of light in the at times creatively tenuous gaming scene. Bravely Default was pretty much the unofficial Final Fantasy reboot we'd all been waiting for, and is visually probably one of my favorite titles I've had a chance to enjoy in years. So when I ran into the work of Maekake, I initially thought I'd hit the gold mine- Akihiko Yoshida's very own art gallery..Until I saw the wide variety of tribute art to the franchises I listed above.

Maekake provides a very good emulation of these different games' distinct art styles, channeling Yoshida's sketchy style and muted color palettes, Team Ico's more moody look and Tactic's ultra stylized characters- the highlight being an awesome portrait of Ramza that could pass as official concept art.

Shame that he currently only resides as a hobbyist, as I feel that he'd make an awesome concept artist if he wanted to with his versatility in stylistic emulation. Check out more of his awesome work after the break!

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