Jun 17, 2014

"Birdman" Trailer - A Surreal Journey Into A Washed Out Actor's Brain

How did we end up here, in this dump? You were a movie star..Remember? That inner dialogue resonates throughout the entire trailer of Alejandro González Iñárritu's incredibly curious looking film called Birdman (Aka The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance), an upcoming movie being released by Fox Searchlight films.

Starring Michael Keaton as a washed out actor best known for playing a hero called Birdman on the silver screen (No correlation to Hanna Barbera's hero of the same name), this film looks like it will take us deep into a twisted psychological journey rife with insecurity, regret and mental duress. In a few choice scenes in the trailer we witness Michael Keaton (Who famously played Batman back in the day) begin to blur the line between his real self and alter ego as a superhero, a very clever casting choice by the director that might draw parallels with the reality of an actor losing their luster with age.

If Iñárritu doesn't ring a bell, he's a Mexican director who's delivered some truly amazing movies throughout his career, my favorite being 21 Grams and Amores Perros- So I'm actually pretty excited to know that this twisted dark comedy is in the hands of proven talent.

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