Jun 2, 2014

Pink Troubles

The folks at Parasol Island, a German creative group finally released their animated short Pink Trouble, which originally started out as a quick showreel intro at the companies animation department before turning into it's own thing. While a flamingo attempts to relax on a lush, remote island an unforeseen cosmic event screws up it's routine something fierce. Simple in it's premise yet refreshingly colorful, Pink Troubles will satisfy any lingering needs for slapstick.

It started as a quick exercise in rigging and character animation at Parasol Island's animation department several years ago. What was planned as a quick showreel intro soon grew into a larger effort of a 4minute short film. After this proved to take too long to finish next to our actual projects, we decided to finish a shorter version of the original film - call it Episode 1 if you like!

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