Jun 10, 2014

E3 2014 - "No Man's Sky" Is An Indie That Puts AAA Games To Shame

Seven employees. Seven employees. After watching this trailer I felt nothing but disbelief at seeing the execution of an impossibly ambitious vision with such a small team. It made me realize that there's no longer a need for hundreds of millions of dollars in budget, AAA level marketing to create a title that blows away traditional scope as we know it.

Out of all the titles shown at E3, No Man's Sky probably had the most impressive visual impact, simply because of how much they accomplished with less. They also managed to execute a concept that many AAA games have failed time and time again to accomplish: The ability to seamlessly take off from a planet into space, mixed with elements of Minecraft and an infinite, procedural universe for players to explore. And all this with fluid looking multiplayer.

No more artificial barriers or boundaries, any place you see is a place you can visit. If the team at Hello Games is able to make the gameplay compelling with the current visual fidelity they've been able to execute thanks to some very smart procedural generation - I get the feeling we'll have a game on our hands that might shake the foundation of the industry in terms of what's possible with smaller teams. With game budgets ballooning into the hundreds of millions this generation, perhaps it's time to reconsider whether celebrity cameos and bloated marketing budgets are necessary to make a better game.

No Man's Sky will be hitting Playstation 4 and PC at an unspecified date in the future, and I'm honestly very hopeful that this title will offer an experience unlike anything we've seen yet out of the indie scene.

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