Jun 6, 2014

Caveirão (The Master's Voice) Is Now Out!

Following a few years of teasing us with promos dating all the way back to 2012, Guillerme Marconde's Caveirão is finally out! The awesome short employs a hybrid 2D/3D/live action style to tell us about an event that happens every night at 3:33 am. A moment in which a series of bizarre spirits come out to play until a mysterious figure called 'The Master' comes out to drive them out of reality. A colorful, surreal romp into the backstreets of urban Brazil.

Not many people know this but every night at 3:33AM time is frozen for a moment. During what is a fraction of second to mortal eyes there is a second night, a secret one where the spirits of the city come out to play. That is the story of the eternal battle for the soul of São Paulo, the clash between bohemia and authoritarianism, between comedy and horror.

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