Jun 12, 2014

Annecy 2014 - "Le Coup De Lapin"

The Annecy International Animated Film Festival kicked off a few days ago, and a bunch of amazing work has begun to slowly trickle out. To kick things off we've got a bunch of work from the amazing Les Gobelins school, used as bumpers for Annecy 2014. An annual tradition for the school, these courte-metrages are a yearly exercise for the school.

To kick things off we have Le Coup De Lapin ('Whiplash'), in which a bunny finds a carrot in the upper mountains of Annecy. As he takes his first bite, something rather unexpected occurs. If you liked the Skrat shorts from Dreamworks, t his will definitely ring a familiar bell. Directed and animated by Emilie Almaida Pierre Butet, Magali Garnier, ClĂ©mence Maret and Hugo Weiss.

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