May 8, 2014

Worth Checking Out - The Chainsaw Incident

After the success of the recent Skullgirls Kickstarter and the massive popularity of Divekick, it's time for another indie fighting game to step in and pull some attention. The Chainsaw Incident is a one-on-one fighter developed by the folks at ORiGO GAMES, composed of talent from the likes of Soul Calibur, Tekken and Virtua Fighter.

I'm always envious of an Indie studio's ambition to create an original IP in the fighting game genre, the amount of QA is enough to make a person's eyes bleed let alone the difficulty of breaking the game into the fighting community. The video does a decent job at showing a brief look at the game's fighting, but probably the most standout feature of the project is the game's art direction, featuring a style very reminiscent of artist Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl, Gorillaz). 

While not a lot has been shown in-terms of the game's mechanics (outside of the 5-button layout for the game), the studio seems very keen on providing a top-notch fighter while maintaining a solid story. We can all agree that stories in fighting games have never been a strong suit, but ORiGO GAMES seems committed to the idea.

Clocking in a total at just under $20,000 of the $275,000 goal, the game is far bellow the required amount (fighting games are expensive, yo). Luckily 21 days remain, giving plenty of time to boost the game's chance of success. If you're interested in seeing more/donating to the game's development head to their Kickstarer page for more! 

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