May 29, 2014

The Art Of Svjeeta

Svjeeta (Jiří Světinský) is a professional concept artist hailing from the Czech republic, where he currently enjoys working as a freelancer for Volta, one of the biggest concept art outsourcing houses in the world. As both a concept artist and modeler, Jiří originally worked at 2K Czech, Warhorse gaming and Kuju where he created titles including the latest installments of Silent Hill, Mafia and Top Spin franchises before moving on to Volta. 

Employing a painterly brush stroke style to his work, most of his pieces possess a pleasant traditional style that I really enjoyed. Despite using some photobashing throughout some of his pieces, he does use the technique in a way that's secondary to painting, effectively masking the source material in a non-distracting way. Check out more of Svjeeta's concept art and illustration goodies after the break.

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