May 27, 2014

"Plants" - A Stop Motion Tribute To Nature

Directed and edited by Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunnam, Plants is a stop motion short about the types of cycles occurring in nature that keep forests alive and going. Created for an app by Tinybop, Plants helps kids understand that the forest is a system-, making nature’s cause-and-effect patterns well known through a sandbox like game.

The stop motion promo for Plants took a few months with a very analog style approach to stop motion, taking over 6,000 photographs to complete. The entire set and characters were cut and fashioned entirely out of paper: 400 tiny leaves, 500 blades of grass, and 25 squirrels. If you get Wes Anderson/Fantastic Mr Fox vibes, I think it was the type of aesthetic they were going for. Check out the making of Plants after the break.

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