May 18, 2014

Pharrell Remixes Hatsune Miku With "Last Night, Good NIght"

Following an explosion in popularity following his infections Happy track, Pharrell just premiered his latest collaboration with Takashi Murakami for this track from his upcoming directorial debut, Jelly Fish Eyes. Featuring the vocaloid talents of Hatsune Miku and the undeniably unique visual style of Murakami.

Featuring Pharrell as an anime version of himself (Complete with that Vivienne Westhood hat that's become his visual signature), composer livetune and Hatsune Miku performing in front of a soulless robot audience, eventually resonating with them on an emotional level. Murakami mentioned that Pharrell was actually the one to approach him for a collab, especially after coming across his work during his collaboration with Louis Vuitton. It's not surprising, as Pharrell has always had his pulse on the Japanese fashion scene, opening two of his own brands in the country.

The end result of the collaboration and remix is a really nice blend of Japanese and Western musical trends. I've never really liked vocaloids myself, but Pharrell's treatment made this version of Miku actually quite palatable. Can't wait to see what the duo cook up next.

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