May 17, 2014

"Attack On Titan" Opening - The Pencil Drawing Version

Attack On Titan is without question, one of the best things happening in Anime right now, offering a really cool narrative that's rife with mystery. A planet overrun with mysterious titan entities intent on wiping out humanity, the stories of the last remaining enclaves of humanity, and a plot focused on some truly intriguing conspiracy theories about who is creating these monstrous creatures. It's like that smoke monster in Lost, which left people guessing for seasons at a time (Except AOT actually has answers behind it's mysteries to offer).

Youtube/Niconico Douga user Animesakai took his love of the series to the next level, embarking on an incredible journey to recreate the memorable opening of the series using pencil drawings from observation. The duration of the project? 8 months with a total of 423 drawings generated during that time. To put it simply, that's insane.

For comparison, you can watch the original OP above. After translating his description of the video, Animesakai mentioned that part of the reason he created the video was to show off that analog art can be just as amazing and fulfilling of an experience as the much more convenient, prevalent digital art format. I can imagine he learned a ton during the experience if you look at it from an observational drawing standpoint. Kudos to him for following through till the end with the project, and give Attack On Titan a chance if you haven't already- It's available on everything from Netflix to Crunchyroll.

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