May 21, 2014

Flakonkishochki feat Mumiy Troll - "It Seems"

While most foreign music videos are limited in their broader appeal thanks to the presence of that ever present language barrier, we occasionally stumble into gems that make up for that with amazing visuals. This music video is for Mumiy Troll, a Russian alt-rock band that's been around since 1983 with their unique brand of melodic 'pop rock,' that's relatively famous in Japan, China and Europe.

For this latest music video Mumiy Troll also collaborated with an amazing Russian artist called Andrey Flakonkichochki, who has an amazing style that I'd sum up as a mix of pop art and surrealism with influences from the ever growing visual glitch scene. His portfolio is an absolute trip and overflowing with amazing work, so I'd highly recommend checking it out.

The music video itself features a very cheerful young girl embarking on a train ride that turns into a seriously trippy inter-dimensional adventure with each car having it's own bizarre theme. Things progressively get more and more bizarre until the girl finds what she's looking for. Loved it.

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