May 2, 2014

Call Of Duty - Advanced House Of Cards Reveal

The fine folks at Sledgehammer/Activision 'leaked' (It's a game industry cliche at this point) a look at their upcoming next gen Call Of Duty - Advanced Warfare installment, and it's looking pretty damn neat. Aside from the fact that we're finally past the very played out modern warfare theme, the game actually looks next gen unlike the so-so Ghosts, which received lukewarm reception.

Now as a select number of game developers seek to up the ante in the treacherous AAA development bracket, the folks at Activision seem to be getting more creative to keep their playerbases engaged (I'll admit, the Predator patch made me laugh). While the previous titles were limited to celebrity cameos in advertising, this title features none other than digitized Kevin Spacey as the antagonist. He's recently been making waves with his Netflix original House Of Cards (A must see) series, in which he plays a cold-blooded senator with a lust for power.

Now if you've watched that series, the problem here is that Spacey is literally the same character from House Of Cards, straight down to the familiar traces of a southern twang in Call Of Duty. A little differentiation of character would have been quite welcome, as my brain experienced significant confusion seeing my favorite conniving senator in the last game I'd ever expect. Spacey's a terrific actor nonetheless, so I'm hoping they can deliver a storyline that won't follow the historical trend of being convoluted and nonsensical. Yet another calculated step into 'movideogame' territory and astronomical budget territory.

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