Apr 26, 2014

Valley Of Dolls

Ayano Tsukimi lives in a remote village in Nagoro situated on Shikoku, one of Japan's four main islands. After a boom and bust cycle from a hydroelectric dam, the town's population dwindled from a few hundred to just a few dozen, and Ayano took on a distinct hobby to make her town a little less barren and lonely.

The Valley of the Dolls features a town's transformation into an eclectic wonderland, filled with hundreds of dolls crafted in the likeness of those who've either passed away or left Nagoro behind. The ten year project has ultimately drawn the curiosity of visitors, who stop by to take photos and enjoy the curious visuals. The most telling part of this little documentary is the ending, in which Ayano shares her beliefs on life, death and dolls with us.

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