Apr 4, 2014

The New Sunday Times Commercial is Effortlessly Cool

If you've been on the Internet or ever enjoyed any form of entertainment or media lately, you already know what intertextuality is. It refers to the complex interrelationship between two or more 'texts,' usually referring to literature though not in this case; how they allude to, influence, reflect or repulse from one another. Essentially, all art and entertainment is an amorphous pool that feeds on itself. Nothing, no matter how impressive or underwhelming, is born in a vacuum.

The latest commercial for The Sunday Times' month long Culture feature is a extraordinary example of this. A one-minute, single-take video pulling together the iconic imagery of such works as Rodin's The Thinker and Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and putting them side-by-side one another. It really is remarkable watching it all come together. Check out The Sunday Times' Culture site for more.

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