Apr 6, 2014

The Environmental Art Of Yamada

Yamada is a Japanese illustrator with an emphasis on environmental art, and he does it pretty damn well. While his work seems to reside in a more stylized realm, he occasionally ventures out of his comfort zone to pull off surpising pieces like Was there ever a time this kind of shop flourished (pictured above), which have an awesome sense of narrative and a more realistic rendering style.

A lot of Yamada's work is centered around more diorama-esque environments, capturing a small slice of a world and everything going on in it. This results in some visually rich, dense pieces packed with detail that are fun to look through. There's one piece in particular (After the break) that needs to be seen in full resolution to be believed, featuring a few hundred characters going about their lives in a massive, colorful castle. You can check that piece out, among his other work after the break. Enjoy.

(Click for full size)

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