Apr 6, 2014

Monkeyshot #1-7 - Audiovisual Experimentation In CG

Part of any good creative work environment is giving artists the ability to dabble or experiment with new processes or side projects. Whether it's an hour a day or once a week, giving people the chance to do their own thing sometimes results in some surprising discoveries or new ideas altogether, as well as helping keep morale up.

Monkeyshots are little animations created at the Monkeymen collective under such a pretense, allowing their artists to create new audio visual pieces from scratch to finish. These include follow ups to an idea that got lost during a job, a technical experimentation or just the desire to get their hands dirty. Check out the other 6 experiments after the break!

In any case we are very happy that we can maintain the Monkeymen Project over the years besides our daily work. We find it very important to create a creative refuge where our Monkeys can play around without getting hurt.

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