Apr 4, 2014

The Awesome Idents Of Hitoshi Takeyiko

Today we're taking a look at the works of Hitoshi Takeyiko, director at the Japanese Montblanc (Not the fancy pen) collective. Best known for his work on the very unique After School Midnighters feature film. His commercial and ident work showcases an incredible amount of versatility, working in mediums including hand animation, CG and many others. He's gifted with the ability of making advertisements exciting and stylish, which is no easy task. I imagine most commercial makers these days as creatively starved, burnt out husks - Forced to repeat the same style of commercial in a Sisyphean drudge. For the US about 95% of TV commercials go like this: Add generic, appealing people in generic, but clean environment. Add product in plainview and happiness towards it. Add generic ukulele music and whistling. Queue canceling cable plan in disgust.

We've compiled a few of his more noteworthy commercial work, as well as his demo reel- Which you can check out after the break! I appreciate anyone that can push the boundaries of whatever medium they're in. Hitoshi is one of those fine gentlemen.

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