Apr 6, 2014

Jérémie Périn's Starr Mazer Is So Good, I Wish It Was Real

It's been a minute since we last saw anything from Jeremie Perin, the demented wunderkind behind such masterpieces as Detective God, Mystery Boy, and the morbidly-captivating DYE - Fantasy (NSFW). Perin is certainly one of the most memorable animators I've come across in a long while. His penchant for risque gross-out subject matter tinged with a synth-pop infused 80's aesthetic has earned him a growing following online, and deservedly so.

Perin's latest video is a fake video game trailer created for Don Thacker's film Motivational Growth. With a Galaga-style shooting section, point-and-click hostage situations, a death-defying escape sequence complete with an epic 16-bit soundtrack, I'm genuinely disappointed I can't play this!

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