Apr 14, 2014

Izbor - A Bite Sized Scifi Thriller

Space and loneliness- two things that simply seem to go hand in hand. Space and madness? By pop culture's defintion, inseparable. Created as part of Mehdi Aouichaoui's fourth year project at the Supinfocom animation school, Izbor plops us into a crucial moment of a scifi expedition gone horribly wrong. Clutching a photo of someone dearly beloved, we witness an astronaut's final moments of utter fear and hopelessness.

Izbor is noteworthy for Mehdi's usage of a hybrid style, mixing elements of 2D (Like the astronauts head) with CG environments. From a narrative standpoint the choice of making the creature a completely organic, 2D entity also strengthens the fact that it's an otherworldly, alien entity in this vessel. Short but sweet, a fun romp through a variety of scifi tropes.

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