Apr 14, 2014

What Lies Below? A New Glimpse At Capybara's Upcoming Roguelike

What lies Below? That is the question that the folks at Capybara games have been asking for a few months now, ever since their triumphant reveal at last years E3. The same company behind the beautiful Sword And Sorcery adventure game and the upcoming Super Time Force action puzzle shooter, it looks like we'll be getting more atmospheric exploration with rogue like elements this time around.

This latest trailer for Beyond, the first one since it's unveiling close to a year ago is more of a musical one- Giving us a taste of Jim Guthrie's original score while offering us a glance at some of the environments. What I found really curious was the ultra zoomed out perspective that the game will use, offering players a nearly god like view of the action. If death lurks around every corner, I don't mind this design choice..Zooming out the camera nearly seems like it might end up ramping up the tension significantly. Below will be releasing sometime this year on PC and Xbox One.

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