Apr 28, 2014

Hoof It - A Student Short That Feels Like It Could Be On TV

Animated by Seth Boyden as part of his third year film project at Calarts, Hoof It is a seriously silly short about the mountain dweller called 'Goat Boy,' who sets out to find his lost goat for his family. Similar to Frozen in some regards, he runs into a series of strange companions during his hunt for the goat, including an enchanted tree stump called Piney.

The line quality that Boyden captured in this short is really reminiscent of some fo the preproduction art that ultimately influenced How To Train Your Dragon's distinct look. Ever watch an animated short and think This would probably make a great kid's show? It's rare that we ever feel that way about a short, but Hoof It felt like an actual pilot! The amount of work that Seth put into this short really shows, down to the excellent voice acting and music We're doing our part to make sure that it get's the attention of the right people.

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