Apr 3, 2014

Dark Skyes - The Most Bizarre My Little Pony Kickstarter Project (Ever?)

The folks at Million Dollar Extreme have been delivering their own unique brand of anti-humor, including their very memorable TED crash last year called 'Paradigm shift.' What I've come to love about these guys is their ability to constantly deliver the most bizarre (And hilarious) videos I've ever seen, and recently they even jumped onto the Kickstarter bandwagon with Dark Skyes: An Epic Brony Dating Sim. 

While I'm still debating whether this is a seriously elaborate prank or just a chance to make a quick buck while delivering a Max Headroom-esque video presentation of a very odd title to a client, the video is a good representation of what my nightmares are made out of. I can't stop watching though. If you're looking to contribute to Dark Skyes, the game is halfway to it's funding goal with about two days to go. Take a plunge into the dark side.

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