Mar 3, 2014

The Eight Chapters Of Ramen

A good bowl of ramen is a bitch to find stateside, especially after having had the real thing in Tokyo. Over the last 5 years I've probably tried a few dozen ramen restaurants, yet always found that they could never quite achieve the balance that I found during my trip to the region. The broth was typically too rich or too bland, the noodles were not hand made, the chāshū (Pork roast) didn't deliver enough punch..The list goes on.

In this short documentary by Nowness, noodle obsessed chef Ivan Orkin goes into his attempt to start up his new restaurant, and the eight elements of his ramen at 'Slurp Shop,' which opened in New York a little while back (With a mixed response so far). Nonetheless, an interesting look into the development of a pretty complex dish.

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