Mar 18, 2014

Metal Gear Solid V - Ground Zeroes Launch Trailer

Ground Zeroes, the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V comes out today and I personally couldn't be more excited to delve into our first taste of the next game. Even though dectractors continue to remain fixated on the fact that the game is apparently 10 minutes long (It keeps getting shorter with every flamebait article that pops online regarding it's length), I think people miss the point of what this game is truly supposed to be, a taste of what's to come in Phantom Pain.

From what we saw Zeroes offers one story mission and a very large playable sandbox area, with an intent on being replayed multiple times. The story ties into the events of Peace Walker, following Big Boss and Miller in an attempt to extract Chico and Paz from a highly guarded facility. Other than that it seems like the game doesn't seem to be about the story, but more about showcasing the subtle gameplay changes that take a note from other modern stealth games. Cardboard boxes and rations are no more, replaced with a regenerating health bar and a more action oriented focus, including the ability to commandeer multiple vehicles, while still offering the option of CQC and stealth.

I will speculate that picking up Ground Zeroes will offer some sort of perk if there's some existing save data once Phantom Pain comes out, but will note that this title will definitely be more appealing if you're a fan of the series rather than a newcomer looking to get a first taste.

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