Mar 3, 2014

Crawl - Turning The Classic Dungeon Crawler On It's Head

Oh man. I might have just found my most anticipated indie game of this year. Crawl takes the classic Gauntlet/Golden Axe genre games and truly offers a unique, seriously fun sounding twist. One player takes on the role of the noble, dungeon roaming warrior while the other players assume the role of restless spirits who take control of traps and summon into creatures to prevent his progression- All on one screen. If the player falls, the antagonist spirit who delivers the fatal blow takes his place. One man makes it out alive.

Part roguelike, part ARPG with a large helping of arcadey gameplay, this game has all the elements in place to potentially be a huge local multiplayer hit akin to Towerfall or Samurai Gunn. With a slick retro pixelated look and a crunchy, chippy soundtrack this game is looking seriously freaking awesome. The title is currently up for Greenlight on Steam, so head on over and vote if you'd like to see it hit the store soon.

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