Mar 7, 2014

Beijing's Studio Vasoon Premieres Their Incredible "God Hunters" Animated Feature Trailer

Well damn, this was an awesome find. Looks like China is stepping up their animated feature game with God Hunters, a new animated movie coming out in 2015 based off of the legendary exploits of Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King. Rather than going whimsical with it, the movie is taking the more epic route, focusing on his rebellion against heaven and his war against various gods.

With an animation style that resembles a mix of Ghibli films and Peter Chung's signature style seen in series like Aeon Flux, this is probably the most impressive animation I've seen come out of China other than Studio Wolfsmoke's efforts. The feature is being directed by Wang Chuan in collaboration with Studio Vasoon, and is set to premiere sometime in 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, as it's looking mighty ambitious.

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