Feb 6, 2014

"The Dam Keeper" Trailer - An Amazing Short By Pixar Employees

We last mentioned the Dice Tsutumi/Robert Kondo animated project called The Dam Keeper sometime last year, marveling at the initial tests we saw of a rich, hand painted animation style. The Pixar employees have been at work on this project with a small team since last February or so and just recently wrapped up this 18 minute independent short, which will premiere February 11th at the Berlin International Film Festival. Using a mixture of hand drawn animation, with layered paintovers as well as some rudimentary CG elements for blockouts, I can't wait to see this short myself. Check out the making of after the break!

Pig does everything he can to protect his town but nobody shows any gratitude. He trots tirelessly up and down the stairs, moving heavy levers and making sure the windmill keeps turning. This is the only way he can hold back the billowing black clouds of smoke which threaten to engulf everything. In between all of this, Pig rushes to school before hurrying back to the dam each day. The townspeople continue to ridicule and scoff at him, and he finds himself sitting alone in the back of the bus. Everything begins to change when Fox, a new classmate, joins Pig’s class.

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