Jan 4, 2014

The Art Of Toronn

A graduate of Japan's Musashino art university with a specialization in oil painting, Toronn's work showcases the sensibilities of a painter with a fine art foundation, with a taste for surreal subject matter. Toronn's dipped his fingers into many pies, ranging from Japanese videogame development for projects like Monster Hunter, Rage of Bahamut and even the much anticipated Bravely Default RPG (Which deserves it's own art showcase), as well as getting his work into some of the most esteemed western showcases like Expose and Spectrum.

In between these commercial projects Toronn finds the time to publish his own art books and art apps. He keeps busy with whatever he can get his hands on, a sign of any healthy artist. With his knack for creating ethereal, surreal pieces, his work is just plain fun to browse through. Check out more of his awesome work after the break!

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