Jan 6, 2014

Portraits By Tannojoko

Japanese indie animator Tannojoko returns with Portraits, a series of mysterious vignettes centered around a series of stoic looking protagonists featured in his earlier shorts. The troubled soldier, the serene girl with the eye patch, the experiment, they are all part of what I believe to be a larger story that's been slowly coming together over the years.

Tannojoko captures a fantastic sense of mystery with his shorts, offering us small pieces of what's to potentially come with no dialogue. A post apocalyptic world ties it all together, and there's elements sprinkled throughout that evoke memories of Akira and Evangelion's approach to religious themes. Check out the rest of the series so far after the break, including 2009's Wilderness and 2012's View. On a side note Tanno, could you please Kickstart the feature you've been plannning? I'd like to see your vision come to fruition, thanks.

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