Jan 30, 2014

Build - A Chrome Experiment with LEGO®

In between doing their best to turn themselves into Cyberdyne and recreate the events of the Terminator movies over the past year as well as the various Youtube and Google+ fiascos, I've been starting to think that Google has lost their playful side. However, every once in a while they seem to offer us a collaboration or experiment that beckons back to their golden age of experimenting and offering users ways to make their lives easier.

Get building.
This Lego collaboration is a pretty fun one: Claim stake to a location on Google maps and build whatever you want on it, then publish it to a 1:1 world map which will be populated by any other like-minded brick lover out there. So you could technically immortalize where you live with a living monument to your greatness or whatever else comes to mind with the limited brick set offered. It's free and situated inside your browser, and will probably result in some amazing free worlwide data collection for Lego and Google: Ingenious or diabolical?

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