Jan 27, 2014

Advanced Ghostbusters By Faust

Frederic Le Martelot (Aka Faust) sent us this awesome little pet project he did called Advanced Ghostbusters, which put him in the art director's seat for a fictional Ghostbusters reboot (Whatever happened to that 3rd installment?). Frederic concepted up all the gear in a typical busters arsenal, including proton packs, P.K.E. meter, ghost trap, particle thrower and outfits, complete with a modern twist. These types of exercises are great in a portfolio, as they showcase an individuals ability to come up with new visual solutions without experience in the movie industry (A field I'm guessing he's aiming for with this).

Using a mixture of photobashing, paintovers and some pretty slick presentation, Advanced Ghostbusters is something I'd like to see (Minus that Hummer Ectomobile). Check out more of Frederic's work on Advanced Ghostbusters after the break!

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