Dec 5, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Galactic Princess and it's Pixelated Beauty

Straight up, Galactic Princess is pretty as hell. The level of detail put into the pixel art is exemplified by the game's zoom system, which allows players to zoom into individual portions of the ship. With the sudden influx of space combat hitting the market, it's nice to see at least one game successfully portraying how little your ship is in comparison to the galaxy.

The game seems to be a healthy mixture of spaceship management and survival in an open sandbox world. Unlike FTL which puts heavy emphasis on ship combat, Galactic Princess puts an equal amount of focus on individual crew members, giving players the ability to equip them with different items in order to increase their survival.

You're gonna wanna click this picture for it's full beauty

Ship creation also holds focus, adding a layer of decision making that will affect control, which is demonstrated in this goofy looking loop. Taking inspiration from the Star Wars series, the game focuses on a group of smugglers, allowing you to not only team up with other smugglers but also grow your crew with slaves (you terrible person, you). The scope of this sandbox space sim has potential to be massive, and if the team manages to pull off what they promise this could easily become a heavy focus for me in 2014.

Galactic Princess is planned for a future Kickstarter campaign and you can bet your pretty face we'll keep you updated on that. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

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