Dec 18, 2013

The Cute Art Of Becky And Frank

Whenever I see the work of Becky and Frank, I'm transported to a whimsical, care free land filled with heart warming designs that put a smile on my face. Channeling a style that seems to be a mixture of classical children's books and retro Disney animation. Part of that comes form the fact that the duo at times chooses to work in analog painting format, mixed with modern subject matter- Which creates a really fun contrast. It's as if artists from the 50's were tasked with doing fanart of popular shows like Spongebob or Adventure Time.

The New Zealand based duo also work on comics like Tiny Kitten Teeth, tour for conventions to sell their awesomely cute art and dabble with music, writing and other creative endeavors. Check out more of their great work after the break!

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