Dec 19, 2013

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Gets First Official Trailer

Hot damn does this look amazing. After Dreamworks' more than stellar How to Train Your Dragon and the announcement of a sequel, the fear that the studio would produce a shoddy cash-in was becoming a bit worrisome. While the teaser provided some hope that the new sequel would be a solid followup, I wasn't ready for the incredible feeling of excitement that the first full-length trailer has brought.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is looking to be the continuation that the original deserves, giving that feel-good warm feeling that the original instilled over countless views. I'm really digging the time-lapse, and I'm interested to see how Hiccup and Toothless' relationship has grown (as well as their combat skills).

In an age where soulless sequel cash-in are all too prevalent, it's great to see Dean DeBlois raise his animated baby the way it should be. It's always a little dangerous to judge a movie by it's initial trailer, but I'll be giving this the benefit of the doubt. All that's left now is to cross our fingers in hope that the third entry will hold up the quality.

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