Dec 29, 2013

The Art Of Pacific Rim - Japanese Fanart Edition

I'd always been pretty curious about how Japan, especially their creative community would react to Pacific Rim, a movie that was a whole-hearted ode to various pop culture genres like Kaiju films and various 'Tokusatsu' (Special effects) genres that their cinema scene popularized with internationally acclaimed franchises like Godzilla.

Just recently we set out to see if Japanese artists had taken a liking to the various Jaegers, especially after stumbling into box office figures for overseas sales of the film, which did pretty amazing in Asian markets. What we found was a plethora of amazing tribute pieces executed in a variety of styles and interpretations of both the Kaiju and Jaegers alike, showing that the movie had definitely found it's place with artists abroad. Check out a ton more Pacific Rim fanart pieces of the break!

Art by Syis
Art by しぐも
Art by Kakotomirai 
Art by Kakotomirai 
Art by 店長
Art by 店長
Art by Yuu
Art by はちはち
Art by ひろかず
Art by  バル
Art by  バル
Art by Tatsuya
Art by Seven Furnace Anno 
Art by Yukimi
Art by  スズキハヤセ
Art by 赤岸K
Art by Junling
Art by Nurbshero
Art by 大野ツトム
Art by Tomape
Art by Danciao

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