Dec 11, 2013

The Art Of Fabien Mense

I'm getting close to resuming my French language education, I really think I am. Every time I get a glimpse into the burgeoning bande-dessinee scene I'm left knowing that most of these amazing original series will never make the jump overseas, and it absolutely kills me. If you guys have been following AwesomeRobo long enough you've probably noticed that some of the best animation work is currently emerging from French schools including Les Gobelins and Supinfocom..What's the deal?

During a random trip to Paris a few years back I discovered some surprising parallels between the Japanese and French art scenes in regards to how they treated their creators, and an overall feeling of a cultural acceptance in regards to pursuing this craft as a career. For some reason I'm left wondering whether societal attitudes have simply allowed creatives to feel unhindered in that particular country, resulting in some truly amazing, out of the box work time and time again. And this is not from a fanboy's perspective, it's simply a trend and opinion formed after following a few years of curating content.

Fabien Mense is the second artist we've featured from the Catfish Deluxe collective (Our first being Gobi). Hailing from a small town called Ozoir-la-Ferreire he studied animation at the Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg college, where he came to meet the friends who would form the collective he is part of today. Employing a truly vibrant, colorful style and exagerrated design aesthetic, he's worked on everything from comics to contributing designs for feature films like Tartavosky's recent Hotel Transylvania feature. More of his work after the break!

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