Dec 24, 2013

RoboGal's Cute Mixtape: The Christmas 2013 Edition!

Step 1: Decoration! Lights! Sparkle! (Via)
Well it's only been a million and a half years (also known as 4 months), but I'm back with a new Cute Mixtape!  It's Christmas Eve, which for us means some house cleaning, cooking, and prep work before the big dinner.  And drinking.  I probably should have put that first.  Anyway, let this mixtape be a reminder of the steps you should be taking to ensure a proper Christmas.  

Step 1 is above, and click through the break for the rest of my sage advice!

Step 2: Bake! Fat and sugar is on the menu. (Via)

Step 3: Dress! Wear what your mother tells you. (Via)
Step 4: Put out carrots for the reindeer. Because the reindeer bring… (Via)
Step 5: …Santa! Put out cookies for him. (Via)
Step 6: Pass the f*ck out. (Via)

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