Dec 30, 2013

Orlando Arocena's Awesome "Akira" Vector Tribute Series

New York based illustrator Orlando Arocena set out to pay tribute to Katsuhiro Otomo's groundbreaking Akira anime, and that he did with this amazing vector series-featuring the most iconic cast members (And that unforgettable bike) from the 1988 feature.

I've alway have been a fan of Katsuhiro Otomo's creativity. His elaborate characters and profund interpretation of society, often reflect a familiar impression about the philosophy of relationships.
The 1988  movie adaptation of Otomo's story depicted a cyber-punk japan in the year 2019 ( only 5 years from now...) and had an incredible influence upon me- a city boy from the Bronx-ready to embark on pursuing a curriculum of art at Pratt Instiute. It's with the utmost respect, that I pay tribute to him and his story of AKIRA with this vector tribute.

A cool thing to note was Orlando's addition of a making of section, showing off just how incredibly complex his illustrator files were for the project. All the pieces were created without any use of gradients, tracing (A common trend with vector folks) and no filters, which for anyone with some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, that's pretty damn impressive. Check out the rest of the Akira vector tribute series after the break, featuring everyone from Kaneda to Colonel Aramaki after the break.

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