Dec 9, 2013

"No Man's Sky" Is Procedurally Generated Space Beauty

If you were to ask my what I thought Hello Games (the folks behind the Joe Danger series) next project would be, a procedurally generated space exploration game would be my last guess. While the majority of the VGX was a cringe-fest(see Exhibit A), No Man's Sky was by far the highlight of the show. Featuring a procedurally generated universe, players are given the ability to seamlessly transition between planets.

Seriously though, did you see them shoot through the center of that meteor?

Not much has been announced for the overall gameplay, but it's safe to say it involves both space-shooty and land-shooty parts. It's safe to be skeptical with independent procedurally generated games, but it's hard not to be at least a little excited with the above trailer. 

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