Dec 4, 2013

Joe Bowers - An Inside Look At The Animation Of "Tangled" And "Bolt"

This insightful video interview by Frame By Frame gives us a behind the scenes look into some of the animation work that veteran animator Joe Bowers created for Tangled and Bolt during his tenure at Disney. It's really cool to hear how he approached each scene, the challenges he faced and high level animation theory. A reocurring theme you might notice is how he always attempted to up the ante and get out of his comfort zone, which seems to be a common trait of any great artist.

Whether or not you're an animator, there's some truly great information and advice to be gleaned from this 20 minute interview. The most subtle animated movements, ones which we as an audience would typically gloss over are given new meaning with his in depth explanations. I'd been looking for an excuse to watch Bolt again, and this did the trick. Joe is currently working at Dreamworks, where he's putting the finishing touches on the upcoming How to Train Your Dragon 2.

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