Dec 4, 2013

Aningaaq - The "Gravity" Companion Short

If you guys had a chance to watch Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity (No spoiler zone ahead), you'll probably remember that moment in which Sandra Bullock makes contact with someone on earth speaking a foreign language. In that moment a fractured conversation plays out, featuring a barking dog, a crying baby and a momentary sense of comfort on Bullock's part for the simple fact of not being alone in the tense feature.

Directed by Alfonso's son, Jonas Cuaron as a meta-short to accompany the film, Aningaaq tells the tale from the perspective of the Inuit fisherman stationed on an isolated fjord. Both isolated in an unforgiving environment, the parallel stories are tied together in their theme of survival. The interesting thing about Aningaaq is that it ended up gaining a life of it's own in the festival circuit, and is currently up for Oscar consideration in the short film category. If it gets nominated alongside the sure-fire Gravity, it'll be the first time in Academy Awards history that a feature and spinoff drawn from the same cloth get nominated together. Let's see how this plays out.

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