Nov 10, 2013

Using The New Youtube Commenting System - A Not Sarcastic Tutorial

The recent features that Google has been rolling out to create an unholy union between Google+, Youtube, Gmail and other services - And it's only made me aware that the company might have more of an engineer driven approach to problems instead of a designer based one. It's been quite fun being forced to use a now broken Gmail account, an incredibly un-intuitive commenting system that makes little to no sense and losing a year or two of subscriptions on Youtube thanks to their forced account swap roll out.

Lowtax, ringleader of the Somethingawful forums put together a concise guide to the new Youtube/Google+ rollout that perfectly captures the sheer confusion that they've unleashed with their bizarre new commenting system. Seriously, these recent update fiascos really have me wondering what's going on over in Silicon Valley. You can't win people over on your social network by ramming it down their throat with every service you provide.

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