Nov 22, 2013

Team Fortress 2 Gets Massive "Two Cities" Update

For all you folks who've been too busy playing Dota 2 and next gen consoles as of late, let's not be forgetting about Team Fortress 2 now. In the latest mega-update from the fine folks at Valve called The Two Cities, this update to last year's Mann Vs Machine mode centers around giving everyone's favorite German-accented medic a much more active role in the battlefield.

In addition to the ability to bring dead team members back to life thanks to a very Ghostbusters-esque contraption called the Reanimator, he also gets an uber powered projectile shield and special 'Mad Milk' healing syringes. With the addition of two new (And hard as ever) maps taking place in Manhattan and a European town called Rottenburg, this will be a welcome excuse to jump back into the action. Enjoy the Sound of Medicine cinematic that came with this mega-update!

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