Oct 6, 2013

Worth Checking Out - River City Ransom "Underground" Looks Amazing

I can't believe we didn't see this earlier, but with three days to go it's them to shed light on the unlikeliest sequel we've ever run into on Kickstarter - a direct sequel to the incredibly charming River City Ransom, an early Technos beat em up from 1990 with pseudo-RPG elements. Now the interesting part about Conatus Creative's approach to this sequel is that they're still sticking to the original NES aesthetics from a visual and sound perspective, but beefing up the animations, scope and character cast. It's a departure from most sequels or reboots, which have always attempted to reboot visuals to mixed results.

In terms of a better explanation of just how updated NES visuals might look like, the team did a really cool job showing that off with their Underground fighting trailer, which shows some truly diverse fighting styles, long form combos and even...Kaneda's bike(?). If anything it looks like this might contribute to replay value along the lines of Castle Crashers, which excelled in compelling players to replay the game to find new characters with different gameplay abilities.

And to top that off, one of the coolest 'cherry on top' selling points came in the form of the fact that Yoshihisa Kishimoto is on the team as a creative consultant, the man behind Double Dragon and Renegade, a title that ended up inspiring River City Ransom. The team also has Rich Vreeland on board, the composer behind the excellent Fez soundtrack as well as another Kickstarter project we recently featured, Hyper Light Drifter. With only a few days to go, you still have time to get on the awesome preorder goodies that they're offering, so check out their project page and back away!

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