Oct 24, 2013

Visual Bites - H-Man, Sting, Coven, Sunset

We run into plenty of awesome content that might be too short to warrant a full dedicate post, so we'll be using the 'Visual Bites' monicker to promote these bite sized visual treats from artists around the world. Animation loops, quick shorts and experimentation will be the main focus in this ongoing series.

H-Man is the opening for an upcoming live action series premiering on the artist centered channel 'Arte.' The series was created by Miyu Productions, channeling a vintage animation style that feels a little Monty Python in parts. More visual bites after the break.

Sting is a slick promo that was created by New York's Elastic studios as a promo for Jose Cuervo. Using a highly graphic style to show off the feisty spirit of a scorpion in an unforgiving environment. Cinnamon tequila though? I'll pass on that nightmare hangover in a bottle.

Created for the latest season of the incredibly unsettling American Horror Story TV series titled 'Coven,' this latest animation promo sells the branding that the FX channel original will be using.

Cento Lodigiani recently wrapped up Sunset, a short film that he spent all summer working on. Three short stories that take place during the sunset. Tragically, it's going to be the very last sunset experience for all of the main characters involved.

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