Oct 16, 2013

The Art Of Asiulus - Visual Ordeal

Asiulus is the alias for Joanna Krótka, a Polish illustrator based out of Krakow, the second largest city in Poland following Warsaw. A self proclaimed geek and 70's prog rock lover, his art style channels inspiration from unconventional sources, including psychedelia, his dreams and scifi. It's evident in her eclectic color schemes, but the actual subject matter points to much darker, surreal themes. For example, I got the feeling that the above illustration (Field of vision) tied into her own internal struggles with bad eyesight. Most of us with any form of anxiety have dealt with strange dreams regarding these issues, our subconcious at work parsing through our daily struggles.

Krótka is currently on a journey to publish her first comic, and her style and tastes really seems suited to heading down that direction with her own distinct, surreal twist. I'm looking forward to keeping track of what she comes up with. More of her twisted visions after the break!

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