Oct 16, 2013

Hell No - The Sensible Horror Film

Let's just face it, Hollywood doesn't even bother making horror movies anymore. It's a thing of the past to see movies that create a genuine sense of fear, compared to the 'startle' movies that are out there today, typically following the same formula of a bunch of developmentally stunted protagonists in their journey of making stupid decisions, accompanied by a heavy dose of cheap, unimaginative scares and cookie cutter scenarios. Hell No by Pixels Per Second takes a long hard look at the genre, and injects a healthy dose of rationale to the protagonists as they're dealing with various scenarios. The result? A series of humorous, and incredibly anti-climactic takes on horror. Don't touch that Horadric cube now.

Imagine a realm where the most horrifying terrors of the underworld emerge to wreak bloody vengeance upon any who... hmm? What's that? you wanna go literally anywhere else? yeah, good idea let's get out of here

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