Oct 26, 2013

Jay Tholen's Dropsy is back on Kickstarter; You Better Fund It This Time

Back in early July, developer Jay Tholen released one of the best Kickstarter videos to come out of the crowd-funding service. Despite the ridiculousness of the video and originality of the game, it never caught on, leaving Tholen with an unfunded game that he would continue to work on in his spare time.

Thankfully the unsuccessful campaign hasn't halted future attempts, and Jay Tholen is back with a second (technically third) try at funding his game, although this time Jay is asking for significantly less. Things are looking pretty damn hopeful this time around and the day that I'll finally get my hands on this surreal point-and-click adventure game is drawing even closer.

While Telltale Games has done a phenomenal job at popularizing the once thought dead genre of adventure games, there hasn't been a huge selection of old-school point-and-click style games to wet my whistle. Dropsy takes the idea of that 90's style point-and-click game you're used to and drops a vial of LSD on top while you click your way through an absolutely insane world. Let's face it, the world needs Dropsy, so take a look at the campaign over here.

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