Oct 2, 2013

Instant Tentacles With This One Weird Trick!

Words fail me. They do. Motion designer Kimoni unleashed this video onto the world, unveiling the dark, rotten, corrupted underbelly of the internet to us. What exactly does it all mean? Why is there a Facebook page for SMACK BEAR, the odd mascot that eventually shows it's true colors in the glitch realm? It all reeks of the beginning of a strange viral experiment similar to the Camdrome experiment that got thrown at us, but it could be something else altogether.

Hey there sad ░pathetic stupid person, wonder why you hate your life? Cry no more! now have you the chance for your very own majestic tentacle crown with this one weird old trick!!! It`s easy! The ░video explain secret discovered by housewife, doctors hate her, dieticians hate her,now everyone hate her!! Be£¥ just like she is it`s so simple be beautiful with glorious ╠head of tentacle▒▒ MEN: Why settle for one puny tentacle when you can have 13?! impress your women and be no longer impotent and ashamed of your tiny manhood. This is no joke! Happiness awaits watch the video to discover the secret and say 'hello' to the new you!

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